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Ja wohl bin ich nur

ein Wandrer, ein Waller auf der Erde! Seid ihr denn mehr?

Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749-1832)

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Course information

Participation in the DIZ takes six months for every refugee or migrant, depending on their individual availability and needs. During the first appointment, the so called Clearing, the pedagogical staff meets the participant and learns about their specific living situation. Here, the assistance and support offers are being presented to the participant.


The clearing is the first step for all participants of the DIZ. They receive information on offer and support possibilities. It´s main purpose is to learn more about the participants. Together, a plan is being drawn on which offer is most suitable in supporting each and every participant.

One- on- one coaching/ personal consultation

The goal of the personal consultation is to help our participants´ integration in a holistic manner. The focus lays on daily and social problems such as trips to authorities and search for new housing. You will receive support in planning your professional future. This entails support of the writing of applications, the search of internships and work or the recognition process of certificates and diplomas. Participants are being accompanied into a responsible and independent life and receive help for self- help.

Language promotion

In this course we offer our participants a first approach to the German language. The course is thought off as a bridge towards an official language or integration course.

Group coaching

In groups of five to twelve participants, different topics (daily life, culture, politics, history and the world of work) are being discussed. It is an intensive course where the focus lays on practical use of the language and on the promotion of knowledge of Germany.

Mother and Child Group

Mothers can use this offer together with their children if they cannot follow a regular language or integration course to a lack of childcare.

Psychological consultation

Starting a new life in a foreign country is a challenge which can be accompanied with specific and at times complicated issues. If needed, participants receive psychological consultation and support at the DIZ. Participants cannot always solve such issues by themselves. In particular, difficult living situations, physical or psychological problems can arise. Recommendations to further institutions such as doctors, psychotherapists or other specialists can be made.

Centre of self- study

In this room, there are eight computers where participants can research or study independently. Staff of the DIZ is available to answer questions.


The café is a space to relax, to meet new people and to have conversations. Everybody is welcome here.

Competence test

During the two- day competence test, participants´ capabilities and competences are being tested in areas such as maths, IT, logical thinking and the ability to concentrate. Moreover, we observe the following aspects: capability of working in teams, communication skills and motivation. The testing is neutral towards language and culture. The results serve as support for further participation at the DIZ.

Job orientation

Job orientation at the DIZ is made up of two blocks which build upon one another. One block takes place at the DIZ, the other one in workshops.

There is a theoretical introduction to the German professional world. On the one hand, an introduction to the system of apprenticeships is being given. On the other hand, different types of employment are being discussed. Moreover, an overview of different fields of work is given.

The second block of job orientation takes place at the workshops. Participants choose 3 out of 18 possible fields which they want to try out practically. Next to the actual production of a piece or the pursuit of job typical activities, the participant can get an insight in different work fields by the instructors.

If participants show interest in a specific job, an internship (max. 1 week) can follow.